Muslim Brotherhood in America

Most Americans, including American Muslims, are totally unaware of the fact the Muslim Brotherhood are right here in our own backyard in America.  The Muslim Brotherhood is an international organization that is mostly underground.  It is banned throughout most of the Muslim World.  They thrive in the US by morphing under fictitious facade organizations - a feat they cannot even accomplish in their home countries.
The Muslim Brotherhood morphs into various names and forms to fly under the radars of their host countries especially in the US and Europe.  And it is that non-disclosure and secrecy that should concern the American and American Muslim public.


One of Muslim Brotherhood's camouflaged PR-oriented facades in America is MAS = the Muslim American Society.  Here is their local chapter in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Although the Muslim Brotherhood is the minority amongst American Muslims, they manage to infilterate and take over their host communities through their wolf-pack-like tactics, underground networking, recruitment and intimidation.


This site is to show Americans and American Muslims how the Muslim Brotherhood (MAS) operate in the US.  It is compiled by an insider to the Muslim Community Association (MCA) of the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the host communities the Muslim Brotherhood managed to infilterate and take control of.  This site attemps to document and expose MAS’ underground networks and tactics with documentation readers will never find elsewhere with a rare glimpse into how these underground organizations operate under fake facades that are so fundamentally different from the images they portray to the unassuming masses.  This site will show you: what you see with the Muslim Brotherhood (MAS) is *not* what you get.


MAS members will rarely disclose their MAS affiliation unless they really have to.  And even if they did, they will never tell you their chain of command for one main reason: most of them don’t know their chain of command beyond their immediate ring leader.  The Muslim Brotherhood has been underground for decades.  They perfected the art of deception and camouflage to survive over the decades.  They hate public exposure and will attempt to destroy anyone who exposes their tactics to the public.  Compare this site against MCA's official website to see how deceiving images can be.


So, how does the minority manage to rule over the majority taking over host communities like the MCA?  What Americans and American Muslims do not know, is how MAS rigs the elections to make sure no one can ever outvote them.  MAS believes in "one-way democracy” - only enough for them to seize control and undermine the majority's rule from that point onwards.  After they take over, democracy means only one thing – people’s will is *their* and only *their* will, despite being the minority.  Dissention from that point onwards is "heresy".  There is no turning back.  One of the many reasons why the Muslim Brotherhood is banned throughout the Muslim World.


Here is how the game is played at the MCA to illustrate MAS tactics: MAS members always make sure they have insiders on MCA's Elections Committee.  With insiders' access to voter registration, MAS can always ensure no one can outvote them.  It is ironic how the Muslim Brotherhood does to people exactly what they criticize in the Mulism World – staged, pre-arranged elections that have nothing to do with people's will!!
Once the Muslim Brotherhood takes over their host community like the MCA, they change its Constitution to turn it into a maze no one can navigate but MAS.  Out of the 10,000 Community Members represented by the MCA, less than 50 know how to navigate around the convoluted election system explicitly designed to cripple the average non-MAS voter.  A case-in-point is how MAS calls MCA's elections elections when there were literaly only one candidate on the ballot - an exact replica of the third-world rigged elections most of us escaped from.  We dellude ourselves that crossing to this side of the Atlantic, we can escape the the third-world only to to realize we are the third-world where ever we go.  The only difference is this corruption here is given a new fancy name, has different faces, hides behind the clothe of religion, where any dissention to that corruption is equated with heresy.
Check out this page documenting the kind of information MCA's President is deliberately hiding from his Santa Clara and MCA constituents.

The Muslim Brotherhood sees the masses as furniture.  The Muslim Brotherhood are self-appointed - most people want nothing to do with them.  They do not represent the American Muslim community.  They refer to themselves as “ahl al-hal wal-aqd” (literally people who tie/untie the knots – a metaphore for the supremecy of their decision making) whereas the rest of the masses are assumed to be "sheep" or "furniture" meant to follow the "enlightened"!!  That flawed idealogy is what has to be exposed and faught at its roots.