What Goes Around, Comes Around

Did you know that the Muslim Brotherhood is right here in America in our own backyard?  Did you know that they use fictituous names like the Muslim American Society (MAS) to fly under the host country's radar?  Learn more about the Muslim Brotherhood in America (MAS) at this site: www.insidemca.com
Have you been following the Egyptian revolution - the revolution that rocked the world?  What most people don't know is that the Muslim Brotherhood is desparately trying to outmaneuver the Egyptian people trying to make deals under the table with the Egyptian Army Generals to bypass the people's will.  Sounds familiar?  Absolutely.  That is how low the Muslim Brotherhood is willing to go to undermine the people they claim to represent.
Check out this article on the BBC on the Muslim Brotherhood's tactics that have not changed for decades.  Note how the Muslim Brotherhood subverted the entire political system in Egypt trying to seize power undermining the will of the people only to discover what goes around, comes around.