Questions to MCA President Running for Santa Clara City Elections

Mohammed Nadeem, the President of the Muslim Community Association (MCA), ran for Santa Clara City Council elections in Nov. 2010 and will run in 2012.  Has Nadeem done his full disclosure to Santa Clara voters?  Here are simple questions from an MCA insider you can ask Nadeem yourself to confirm he did not:
  1. On your official elections site and candidate profile, you just "remembered" to add the Muslim Community Association (MCA) after posting this website as documented here.  You referred to the MCA a week ago as just another "non-profit" organization.  You were MCA's President/VP for the last 5 years!!  You are also the only candidate on the ballot listed by first initial.  The questions are:
    • If you are not proud of your identity/community, why are you rallying the Muslim Community to vote for you?
    • Instead of playing the "minority card" with Santa Clara voters while playing the "religious card" with the American Muslim Community, shouldn't you focus on your track record, vision and plans?
  2. You recently resigned as MCA President before the end of your term and had your name immediately removed from MCA’s website.  Searching for your name on MCA's site shows no traces of you.  The questions are:
    • Could your resignation have anything to do with the fact you were under investigation by your own community for favoritism and obstruction of justice?
    • Shouldn’t you disclose to your Santa Clara and MCA Constituents what this investigation is about instead of dodging it?
  3. The MCA Constitution discriminates against women.  Here are Articles V and VI:
    • Do you think that is the standards American and American Muslim voters are looking for in Santa Clara?
    • What did you do during your MCA tenure as President/VP to uproot this discrimination?
  4. An independent investigation of favoritism and discrimination at the MCA published this report in 2007 in which it ruled unanimously:
    The questions are:
    • Weren't you directly involved in undermining the above ruling to make sure no one knew about it at the MCA or Santa Clara?
    • Wasn't your MCA Presidency contingent upon your blocking the above ruling?
    • Didn't MCA's Imam (religious leader) publish his written testimony in MCA's newsletter confirming the pervasiveness of favoritism at Islamic Institutions across America?
    • Didn't you actually confirm favoritism at the MCA and cover up the above statement?
    • Didn't you have in your possession transacripts of witness testimonies confirming discrimination at the MCA?
    • If you failed to uproot favoritism and discrimination at the MCA, what makes you believe you have the ethical standards to be on Santa Clara's City Council?
    • What makes you think American and American Muslim voters would want anything to do with this?
  5. You use MCA's Presidency, referred to as a "non-profit" organization on your official site, as proof of your acclaimed "track record".  Isn't that misleading?  Shouldn't you disclose to Santa Clara voters, that out of the 3,000+ Muslim Community at the MCA, less than a 100 managed to manuever around the voting maze at the MCA for your VP post and that there were no candidates running against you and no elections for your MCA presidency?  Isn't it misleading to claim to be the champ in a championship where there were no contestants, the contestants were dead or strapped to a pole and blind folded - third-world style?
  6. At candidate forums, you claim you are *not* affiliated with any special interest groups, implying that other candidates for Santa Clara City Council are!!  The questions are:
    • Are you serious?  Would you have been MCA President if it were not for the Muslim Brotherhood's propping your MCA Presidency?
    • Does the picture below illustrating how MCA elections are staged jog your memory?
Mohammed Nadeem forgot that while the Muslim Brotherhood (aka MAS) may have a monopoly over the MCA through their tactics that allows them to rule by intimidation over the majority's will, they certainly do not have that power over Santa Clara voters or the internet.
Neither Mohammed Nadeem nor the Muslim Brotherhood speak on behalf of Americans and American Muslim voters in Santa Clara or the MCA.  From an insider of the MCA, the above cannot and will not be in our name, or our city.